Biotronics : The Silver Species


      Article: The Homotronics and Neurotronics of Robotics

      Author: J. B. Wylzan 


      Abstract: This article presents the developmental Neurotronics 
                and Homotronics stages of Homodruino. A homodruino, 
                in particular B.I.N.G., is an automaton integrated in 
                the experimental systems of Biotronics to create a self
                conscious robot based on I.M., a research on Information 
                Materialization (lawsin,1988).


The Originemology of Homotronics

The Origin of Homotronics began from a scientific study on Originemology; a research on the origin, creation and evolution of everything through natural scriptional information. One of its various goals was to examine the nature of consciousness, the common denominator that differentiate animate with inanimate objects, based on a new seminal study called Information Materialization or I.M. Five new subjects, Neurotronics, Homotronics, Biotronics, Homodruino, and Algorithm of Q were coined to dissect the natural mystery of consciousness. Neurotronics refers to the electronic brain of a robot. Homotronics is the electronic human side of the robot. Homodruinos are the homotronics series of human-like robots sketched mainly on the Arduino platform. Homodruinos are the next generation of Human Beings from where the last human on earth will no longer be human. Robots in forms of insects, animals, and plants that look alive or with life are called Biotronics. (Biotronics is the science of robots with natural life coined by Lawsin in his book Creation by Law). They behave like normal humans or animals. They walk, see, feel, eat, hear and think like beings with self-consciousness. Because of their metallic skins, biotronics are sometimes called The Silver Species. They have the ability to learn how to program themselves through a method dubbed - the Algorithmic Queue or A.Q. It is an electronic neural network developed through the method of labeling or associative learning proposed by Lawsin on his case study on Biotronics. (excerpt: Biotronics: The Silver Species, Joey Lawsin)

YouTube Video of Homodruino

Before we journey to the world of Biotronics, or specifically Robotics, make sure to equip ourselves first with some basics curves on Arduino's electronics and programming. All comprehensive tutorials with videos, circuits, schematics, and source codes can be found on my blog at:



Homotronics R1.V1

Homotronics R1.V2

Homotronics R2.V1

Homotronics R2.V2

Homotronics R3.V1

Homotronics R3.V2

Homotronics R4.V1

Homotronics R4.V2



BING - The First Homodruino Robot

"The Last Human on Earth will no longer be Human." ~ Joey Lawsin

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